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Land Management, Development, and Affordable Housing

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Lower 9th Ward NENA is one of the largest landowners in the Lower 9. NENA is currently in the planning stages of the next round of construction. The above map shows already constructed houses and vacant parcels ready for development. The yellow houses on the map are properties built by

Volunteer Opportunity #34

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Some volunteer opportunities require specialized training and/or donated materials. This is just an example of many projects NENA is seeking to complete.  Every time it rains the bottom of this door gets soaked and water penetrates the living area. The homeowner could use an awning to protect the door from

Volunteers from Lafayette Gutting a House!

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This group of devoted volunteers came from John Paul the Great Academy in Lafayette, Louisiana. Their work to gut this house was coordinated by NENA’s friends at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans (YRNO). The house will become home to another Lower 9th Ward resident by Summer of 2017. To support the work

Commercial Development Opportunity

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St Claude commercial corridor is growing with many national and local businesses making plans along this important thoroughfare. NENA is seeking ideas, plans, and proposals for this commercial property at 5701 St Claude Street on the corner of Lamanche. The ultimate development will be the highest and best use for

Delery Renovation

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NENA is a leading developer in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. From new construction to renovations to small repairs NENA has performed a wide range of development activity across the community. Pictured here is the latest project which will become home to a low income family by the

The Outreach Krewe

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NENA has the greatest group of Outreach volunteers. Helena Nealy, Paulette Kennedy, Debbie McHenry, and Carmen Demourelle represent various nonprofit groups throughout the city. From NOLA for Life, Second Harvesters, Ceasefire and others, expect to find these ladies at the forefront of community involvement. From community feedings and helping tornado

Music for Volunteers

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Volunteers from Xavier High School in Appleton, Wisconsin traveled 18 hours to volunteer and perform service hours in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. They painted and cleaned up the properties of several residents in the community. In this video, they take a break from painting the mural at