Lower 9th Ward NENA is one of the largest landowners in the Lower 9. NENA is currently in the planning stages of the next round of construction. The above map shows already constructed houses and vacant parcels ready for development. The yellow houses on the map are properties built by NENA with NSP2 funds and the generous donations of supporters of affordable housing. The green squares are vacant lots available for development. Most of the parcels are approximately 30 feet by 100 feet which is the typical size for lots in the Lower 9th Ward. NENA Headquarters represented by the orange building on the map is located in the heart of the Lower 9 community. The proximity of administration and management functions to construction activity facilitates NENA’s mission of community development. We see a future where each parcel provides affordable housing for a family. For information on construction or temporary uses and such as urban farming or gardening please contact Ron Mazier. To support NENA’s mission please consider a generous donation by clicking the Donate button.

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