Lower 9th Ward NENA is one of the largest landowners in the Lower 9. NENA is currently in the planning stages of the next round of construction. The above map shows already constructed houses and vacant parcels ready for development. The yellow houses on the map are properties built by NENA with NSP2 funds and the generous donations of supporters of affordable housing. The green squares are vacant lots available for development. Most of the parcels are approximately 30 feet by 100 feet which is the typical size for lots in the Lower 9th Ward. NENA Headquarters represented by the orange building on the map is located in the heart of the Lower 9 community. We see a future where each parcel provides affordable housing for a family. For information on construction or temporary uses and such as urban farming or gardening please contact Ron Mazier. To support NENA’s mission please consider a generous donation by clicking the Donate button. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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The Outreach Krewe

(L-R) Carmen Demourelle, Helena Nealy, Debbie McHenry, Paulette Kennedy

NENA has the greatest group of Outreach volunteers. Helena Nealy, Paulette Kennedy, Debbie McHenry, and Carmen Demourelle represent various nonprofit groups throughout the city. From NOLA for Life, Second Harvesters, Ceasefire and others, expect to find these ladies at the forefront of community involvement. From community feedings and helping tornado victims to addressing difficult issues like domestic violence and child abuse, NENA volunteers provide the energy and leadership required of long term community development.

To get links to many social services and meet Helena Nealy, Director of Community Outreach

Volunteers Gutted a House!

From Lafayette

In 2017, this group of devoted volunteers came from John Paul the Great Academy in Lafayette, Louisiana. Their work to gut this house was coordinated by NENA’s friends at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans (YRNO). The house will become home to another Lower 9th Ward resident.

An Inside Look

This is what it looked like on the inside. It was in this condition since Hurricane Katrina.

Thank you!

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and to our friends the Youth Rebuilding New Orleans organization for your help in NENA’s project to redevelop and revitalize the 9th Ward of New Orleans.

Delery Rehab & Renovation

NENA is a leading developer in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. From new construction to renovations to small repairs NENA has performed a wide range of development activity across the community. Pictured here is the latest project which will become home to a low income family by 2018. This photo was taken immediately after overgrown vegetation had been cut back. The vegetation and vines were so bad that the house could barely be seen from the street. It seems that the house had not been touched since Hurricane Katrina so neighbors are very pleased with the improvement to their block. NENA will continue these projects as funding permits. Please consider making a donation by clicking on the Donate button.

Before Renovation

After Renovation