Achieving the American Dream

Home Ownership is the American Dream that millions of Louisiana residents want to participate in each year. It offers substantial social and financial benefits for families, communities and the country as a whole. Here at NENA, we are empowering people of New Orleans to become homeowners. We strive to facilitate positive change in the community through education, community development and revitalization.

Since it’s inception, NENA’s Homebuyer Program (also referred to as NENA’s Housing Counseling Program) has provided services including direct housing assistance to over 5,500 clients. During this year (2018) alone NENA has delivered more than 564 housing consultations to clients and helped over 25 low to middle income clients obtain home ownership with 5 more in the process of closing.

With your generous donation, NENA can continue to provide vital life changing educational and housing counseling services as well as other community services like Community Feeding, Books and Supply Give Aways, and Super Second Saturday, a community market that encourages entreprenuership for residents to sell their goods and services to the community at NENA's location. Please donate today. Your generosity is greatly appreciated .

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Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power and the key to home ownership and financial success. NENA offers financial empowerment classes to help people make sound financial decisions in order to achieve financial independence and success. These classes are aimed at first time home buyers who want to learn how to manage their debt and increase wealth. We cover everything from debt management, spending modification, understanding credit scores and of course, guiding people through the home buying process.

NENA's Empowerment Classes & Counseling Service

First Time Home Buyer

This course is aimed at individuals who want to become homeowners. The class is broken up into 2 sessions of 6 hours each and covers the necessary steps to take towards becoming a homeowner. 

Financial Literacy

This course focuses on helping students manage their finances. It covers daily and monthly debt management and recommends ways for people to save money. Sometimes, people must modify their spending behavior to achieve their financial goals.

Credit Counseling

 Managing your credit score is very important because it determines how much credit or loan a person receives based on that score. This is a one on one session with individuals to empower them towards achieving home ownership and financial success.

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NENA's empowerment classes

our teaching team

We succeed when you succeed.

Carolina Gallop

Housing Counselor

Carolina is a HUD approved housing counselor who teaches the First Time Home Buyer Class. She is passionate about what she teaches and enjoys impacting people’s lives in a positive way. She also does credit counseling with people to empower them towards achieving their financial goals. 

Ron Mazier

Executive Director

Ron is the Executive Director to 9th Ward NENA. He also teaches the Financial Fitness/Literacy class to empower individuals to understand and take control of their finances. He has a Master Degree in Economics and has  taught Economics at Tulane University as an Adjunct Professor.

Susie Mazier

Office Support

Susie volunteers her time at 9th Ward NENA by providing administrative support and other office support when needed . She is currently the web administrator for 9th Ward NENA. She would love to share your pics and success story, just contact Ms. Carolina Gallop for review and your story may appear on NENA’s webpage.